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In case you were wondering why UBC’s statue, the Goddess of Democracy, was holding an umbrella today


not because it was raining.  #OccupyCentral #UmbrellaRevolution


We wish all Thunderbirds from Hong Kong or has family in Hong Kong a little peace during this stressful time.

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Hong Kong has been filled with clouds of tear gas and the sting of pepper spray as the government brutally throws its force again and again against the thousands of protesters occupying the streets. The tens of thousands of protesters are demanding basic democratic reforms from the central government in Beijing. The response they have received is volley after volley of tear gas launched at students and workers without any warning or provocation. There have been frequent charges by the police using batons and pepper spray to push protesters out of the public squares and streets of the city.

The violence shown by the Hong Kong police is not unique to China. It is how all states behave when they are confronted with a direct challenge to their power. We have seen the same police attacks happen against the US Occupy camps, at the Gezi Park protests in Turkey, and in countless similar protests around the globe. Sine we are workers who have faced the same repression, or could very soon face the same repression, this is why it is important for us to condemn the attacks of the Chinese government and support the protesters in resisting them: because we are all in one battle together, and we are all facing the same enemy. And if we do not support those in the streets of Hong Kong, who will be there for us when we are occupying our own streets?

The main demand of the protests in Hong Kong is for real universal suffrage. The central government has mandated that candidates for the leader of Hong Kong in the 2017 election will be chosen by a pro-Beijing nomination committee, rather than having an open vote.

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Anonymous: What's the best way for a poor person to avoid buying sweatshop stuff? I hate what happens in sweatshops but at the same time my options are limited due to money and what's being sold in my area :( Do you have any advice?





Thrift is the only thing i can think of

Not buying from sweatshops would do nothing to improve the lives of the workers so it’s probably best to not waste energy on shopping “ethically” and concentrate on organising our own workplaces and communities.

Over the past decade, factory and sweatshop workers across East and South Asia have been militantly organising. Their unions are getting stronger, they are taking direct action against bosses and militias, and they are gaining better wages and working conditions all the time.

To boycott the products they make, when no union or sweatshop workers are calling for a boycott, doesn’t strengthen their struggle, it’ll weaken it.

Nike or Primark, whatever you buy you’re buying from exploited workers. And that includes the first world primark shop workers and delivery people. You cannot boycott capitalism under a globalised capitalist system.

Not buying Nike will have no effect on workers in sweatshops, but buying clothes from one of the many charity shops run by religious organisations (like the salvation army) could see your money used to fund anti-choice, anti-queer lobby groups. Not exactly ethical consumption there

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27 year old chains himself to track to stop coal train. http://t.co/WEYF1I82tY


BREAKING: Here’s the tweet that could lead to a new grand jury in Ferguson, MO. 
#Ferguson: @shaunking took screenshot of tweeter @thesusannichols who claims to know juror on #MikeBrown #DarrenWilson grand jury & appears to be receiving leaked information. King says that within seconds of posting this, her friends told her to delete it & she did but not before it was screenshotted. She has since deleted her entire account but King says they checked & she is indeed a #STL resident w/ years’ worth of tweets from there. “If true, her tweet not only reveals a leak in the grand jury, but gives us an ugly glimpse into how things have gone so far. This person who posted it on twitter & her contact on the grand jury must be fully & completely investigated & removed if it’s true.”-@shaunking

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52 days, 18 hours since Mike Brown was killed.


Almost 52 days after shooting Mike Brown at least 6 times, Darren Wilson enlists police union attorney. On one hand, I find it incredible that he waited this long to engage a union attorney. On the other, I hope this means he now thinks he will be indicted. Maybe that’s why he didn’t do it before now.

98 more days until Grand Jury deadline.

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